VSBL Pat Cronin Round


We are looking forward to the VSBL Pat Cronin Round this weekend, and we hope all members make the most of this opportunity to show their support for a meaningful cause. We have wristbands provided by the Pat Cronin Foundation for sale at the canteen.

All teams are asked to demonstrate the organisation’s emphasis on respect by shaking hands before the game as well as after the final out.

The tragic loss of Pat Cronin to a cowardly punch, and his family’s dedication to ensuring
this devastating and unnecessary violence never happens to anyone else, should inspire our community to get involved in this mission.

Please share photos and videos of this weekend’s games, along with the hashtags #PC12, #BeWise and
#Endthecowardpunch on social media, and BV will be happy to repost and share.

To learn more about the valuable work the Pat Cronin Foundation is doing, please visit the official website:

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